PRACE HPC Resources

Interview of Stephane Requena during ISC´13 about the Access to PRACE HPC Resources

PRACE HPC Training
Interview of Giovanni Erbacci during ISC´13 about the HPC Training for SMEs
Presentation of PRACE
Gabriel Staffelbach, Cerfacs video of combustion simulations video made during ISC13 and PRACE Scientific seminar.
Presentation of PRACE
Prof. Modesto Orozco´s video made during ISC13 and PRACE Scientific seminar.
PRACE’s Future
Interview of Catherine Rivière during ISC´13 about the future plans of PRACE Research Infrastructure
PRACE supercomputer
Illustrative video/footage for the PRACE ISC Award Project “Multi trillion particles simulation on SuperMUC”.
Introduction to supercomputing: Perspectives and opportunities
HPC is defined and introduced as a logical extension of scientists’ and researchers’ efforts to find answers to the big questions of life and to understand the phenomena, processes and laws of the Universe and of Nature. Emphasis is put on further important scientific breakthroughs.
Presentation of PRACE
By fostering excellence and cooperation PRACE is well-placed to combine efforts and resources in one place reserved for the most demanding computational tasks of high potential value for science in Europe and all over the world. PRACE is a unique European Research Infrastructure to which every scientist and researcher can have access.
PRACE for Users
The Chairman of the PRACE Scientific Steering Committee 2010-2012 and five PRACE users cover different scientific aspects of HPC development and briefly provide an overview of some major scientific projects of PRACE and some examples of HPC applications in Europe.
Supercomputers: Their place in our lives and the development of Europe
The Coordinator of the PRACE 1IP, 2IP & 3IP projects, the first PRACE Industrial User, and the first winner of the PRACE Award for the Most Innovative Industrial HPC Solution in Europe, provide their insights on how HPC can enable scientific excellence and industrial competitiveness and tackle growing societal challenges in Europe. In addition, two different industrial cases with strong and visible influence on creating added value for Europe are presented.
PRACE Training opportunities
The PRACE training activities, such as PRACE training events, the PRACE Training Portal and the PRACE Advanced Training Centres (PATCs) are briefly introduced. A general overview of the current PRACE trainings and future perspectives is given and the sustainable PRACE training model is explained.
European HPC perspectives and challenges
The Managing Director of PRACE identifies the main challenges that Europe has to overcome in order to deliver world-class HPC infrastructure and services. Some PRACE perspectives in terms of strategic directions in the global race for HPC development are highlighted.
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