IPB – Institute of Physics Belgrade

The Institute of Physics Belgrade (IPB, http://www.ipb.ac.rs/) was founded in 1961 bythe government of the Republic of Serbia with a mission to conduct high qualityresearch in the area of physics. At present it contributes more than 10% of the totalscientific output of the country. IPB is highly recognized research institute at the EUlevel, being host to four EU Centers of Excellence: CX-CMCS (Centre of Excellencefor Computational Modeling of Complex Systems), OPSA (Centre of Excellence forOptical Spectroscopy Applied in Physics, Material Science and EnvironmentalProtection), IPB-CNP (Reinforcing Experimental Centre for Non-Equilibrium Studieswith Application in Nano-Technologies, Etching of Integrated Circuits andEnvironmental Research), and QUPOM (Reinforcing the Centre for Quantum andOptical Metrology). In the past, IPB was involved in several Grid-related projects(EGEE-II, EGEE-III, SEE-GRID-, SEE-GRID-2, and SEE-GRID-SCI). Presently, IPBcoordinates the Academic and Education Grid Initiative of Serbia. In SEE-GRIDseries of projects, IPB was leading SA1 activity, coordinating Grid operations in theregion, interoperation and collaborative activities with EGEE and other regional Gridinfrastructures.

IPB is designated by the Ministry of Science and Technological Development of theRepublic of Serbia as the referent institution for HPC in the country, and appointed torepresent Serbia in European HPC-related projects. IPB is also designated by theMinistry as the host of the Blue Danube National Supercomputing and Data StorageCenter, and as a coordinating institution of the seven-year National SupercomputingInitiative (2010-2016).

Within the PRACE project IPB will organize dissemination and training activities inSerbia (WP3), provide support for petascale applications (WP7), and participate infuture technologies WP9, relevant for future development of Blue Danube NationalSupercomputing and Data Storage Center, which will serve as PRACE Tier-1 center.

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