Information for PRACE Awardees


The users must commit to provide to PRACE within the period established in the guide for applicants a final report, using the proper PRACE template, with the results obtained through the access to the PRACE Research Infrastructure, as well as a qualitative feedback on the use of the resources.

All awards (Multi-year, Project and Preparatory) require a final report.

This report needs to be submitted to PRACE Peer-Review (peer-review[at] using the proper PRACE template. Final reports for multi-year and Project Access must be submitted within 2 months of the end of the project’s resource allocation. Final reports for Preparatory Access must be submitted by the end of the allocation period.

Failure to submit a final report may disqualify future proposal submissions to PRACE by any member of the research group. The template for the final report is available for download below.


Applicants allow PRACE to publish the final report of the project as of one year from the end date of the allocation period. Applicants commit to collaborate with PRACE, upon its request, in the preparation of dissemination material.

The applicant commits to not use the project results for military purposes.


According to the PRACE Guide for ApplicantsThe total awarded resources (total computer time and/or expert support) cannot be changed.” If you are unable to use your awarded resources due to a technical problem, please let the PRACE Peer-Review team (peer-review[at] know as soon as possible and in any case during the allocation period.


Applicants must acknowledge PRACE in all publications that describe results obtained using PRACE resources and the text for the acknowledgement should not differ significantly from the following: “We acknowledge PRACE for awarding us access to resource [machine name] based in [country] at [site].” Where technical support has been received the following additional text should also be used: “The support of [name of person/people] from [organisation name], [country] to the technical work is gratefully acknowledged.

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